It is hard to know where to start with acknowledgements and thanks on a project this large.

For design and layout of the site, I have the amazing Obsidian Portal community to thank for that, such a selfless bunch of GMs just wanting all of our sites to look exceptional. Most of the graphics for the site where hand made by myself, but using elements found on google image search – so thank you to free information.


The content itself comes from my inspiring players and friends, countless books and other media, as well as some artwork from the great wide web (and assumed to be in the public domain). If, however, you see some awesome pictures of terrain or miniatures – congratulate, my family, and my players for that. I think our table looks pretty dang good, and that helps us all with immersion.

I find myself doing my best to avoid mentioning someone by name, as I don’t want to make the inevitable faux pas of forgetting someone important. But still, must give a large nod to Thorvaldr’s Tyellador for really inspiring me and getting me to customize my first OP site and to CGregory’s X-Com: Defiance for showing me how far you can really push CSS.

And to you, dear reader; the narcissist in me lives for the thought of someone else hanging on these words.

Thank you!


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